Girl buys cute backless white dress. Girl’s friends suggest going commando, but girl wants the freedom to dance to her heart’s desire, without fear of exposure. Girl goes shopping for the perfect undergarment, but too many stores and too much money later, her hunt falls short. All she wants is to open her drawers and find the perfect foundation pieces. After all, who has the time to worry about their undergarments?

It is out of this frustration that Okko was born. 

Okko stands for ‘Our Kind of Knock Out.’ Our mission is to always make you feel like your most #knockout self. That’s why we’ve designed our intimates to feel as good as they look. Our collections are timeless and reliable, so you can always find your favorites. That means we’ll never bombard you with seasonal trends that work on Valentine’s Day but aren’t practical for the other 364 days of the year. And we’ll never make you wait for twice-yearly sales, forcing you to dig through unwanted, leftover designs just to be able to afford new bras and panties. 

We’ve got your back.


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