Women Minimalists We Love

Women Minimalists We Love

Contrary to our social media feeds, living abundantly doesn’t mean you need to acquire more things. We believe that the opposite is true: less is more. Cutting the clutter means more space, more money, and more freedom from stress created by a chaotic environment. Sounds like the definition of abundance, no?

If you are interested in a life with less but don’t where to start, we have a suggestion: follow other minimalists! These individuals can be resources for practical tips you can adopt today as well as sources of inspiration for decluttering, organization, and even art.

To help you out, read on for a roundup of our favorite minimalists—and their sage words of wisdom. In honor of International Women’s Day, they are all women too.

Shira Gill, Organizing Expert and Author—"If you slow down and question the things that surround you, you may be able to dramatically lighten your load.”

Rebekah Bashorun, Founder of Organize for Love—"Clutter is a culmination of culture, history, and family affairs to be released and organized lovingly.”

Carmen Herrera, Cuban-American Artist—"People keep saying, 'How do you work all these years without any reward, no money, and few exhibitions?' Because it was a vocation.”

Courtney Carver, Author of SOULFUL SIMPLICITY & PROJECT 333—“Simplicity doesn’t change who you are. It brings you back to you who you are.”

Shannon Johnson, Founder of Situate Your Space—“Your space should function so well, it practically serves you.”

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Courtney Carver, Carmen Herrera for W Magazine, Rebekah Bashorun, Carmen Herrera’s Equilibrium, Shannon Johnson, and Shira Gill

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