Unveiling Moon

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I am thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our color palette: moon. We launch one new hue a year, and for 2023, moon is it. But where did the name "moon" come from? Because the universe works in mysterious ways, a few things drew me to it.

First, 2023 presents an extraordinary astronomical occurrence with 13 full moons (a typical year has 12 of these lunar events). Four of those will be supermoons, which is a full moon that appears extra big and bright because it will be at the closest point to Earth in its orbit. The first supermoon in 2023 fell on July 3, the original date for the launch (we ended up pushing it to July 13 due to unforeseen delays).

Second, in the fall, okko turns five, which is an important milestone for startups. I’ve always told myself, “If I can reach five years, we’ll make it.” Data backs that up, too. According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of companies do not survive their 5th year in business. Moon (the hue) commemorates this next chapter of our journey, mirroring the symbolism of the moon in the natural world—a visible representation of the ever-changing phases of life. What an exciting time.

Finally, while on a night walk earlier this year, I was caught up in my own head, far away from the moment. I looked up on a whim and, in its brightness, noticed that the light grey tint of the moon’s craters resembled our to-be-named new hue. It was a captivating moment of creative inspiration worth honoring.

If you haven't shopped the new color, moon is available now. It’s special for many reasons, but don't forget that the most important is it was made for you.

—Phoebe, founder

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