What is boob sweat?

What is boob sweat?


It’s pretty safe to say that most people do not enjoy sweating. Even though it’s a natural bodily function—and how our body rids itself of toxins—the thought of being sticky and releasing body odor, well, isn’t pleasant. 

To make things even more awkward, let’s talk about boob sweat. Yes, it’s a thing, and more people probably experience it than you think. We chatted with Ada Juristovski, Co-Founder at natural skincare brand Nala, about everything you would want to know about sweat and how you can prevent it with natural deodorants.

The different types of sweat

The human body produces two different types of sweat: cooling and stress sweat, Juristovski says. Your body tries to cool itself down by producing sweat from your eccrine glands, which are found all over your body—this happens when you’re working out, are in a hot environment, or otherwise need to regulate your body temperature. When you’re stressed or anxious your body produces sweat from your apoeccrine glands, she says. These glands are more concentrated around areas like your palms, forehead, armpits, groin, and nipples. 

Boob sweat, to put it simply, is the sweat that accumulates on or under your breasts. When you experience boob sweat, sometimes you’re too hot, but most of the time you’re stressed or anxious, she says.

How to prevent boob sweat

There are a few easy ways to prevent boob sweat, like wearing comfortable, loose clothing and a well-fitted bra with no underwire, like okko’s Signature Bra, Juristovski says. But since your boobs often sweat due to psychological stress, you can also start practicing more mindfulness, she says.

Nala’s free-from deodorant—formulated without carcinogens, aluminum, and more than 800 ingredients banned under California Prop. 65—was designed with indulgence and mindfulness in mind. “While we all have those days we throw on deodorants and run out the door, we like to encourage you to be mindful with your products,” Juristovski says. “Stop and smell your deodorant, and indulge in taking care of yourself for a few minutes.”

Natural deodorants can get a bad rep for their lack of effectiveness compared to drugstore antiperspirants, but Nala—which Juristovski runs with her mother, Radmila Juristovski-Bosnic— was designed to make to make the switch to natural deodorant as easy as possible. Nala offers more personalization with options that vary by strength and by scent. “Deodorants tend to be one size fits all, but armpits really are not one size fits all,” Juristovski says. 

And the other added benefit of natural deodorants is that you can apply them under and around your boobs to prevent boob sweat. “Because the ingredients are natural, you can apply the deodorant pretty much anywhere, from your boobs to the bottom of your feet,” she says.

But at the end of the day, Juristovski says it’s important to remember sweat is normal. “So much of society says we need to control how we smell,” she says. “But sweat is normal, and as much as you can try not to feel shameful or embarrassed about it, you’re going to sweat under your boobs and armpits—so have a laugh as much as you can.”

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